From The Beginning, The Lord’s Table has been about bringing people from all races, ages, and background closer to the amazing God who loves them. We are determined to be a community of faith that has the highest regard for God’s word and a deep love for each other.
The Lord’s Table places a great value on people. People matter to God, so they matter to us. Because of that we are very focused on showing love to our community trough tangible acts of service and love. We are committed to reaching people in our city and around the world with the message of life, love, and hope found in Jesus Christ.
Among the things we want to be know for is our commitment to being very real and relevant to our culture. The message of God in Jesus Christ is timeless, but the way to communicate that truth changes. We are constantly looking for new ways to reach each generation so that they might hear about and receive their salvation through Jesus.
More than anything, we are a story in progress, and we invite you to make your mark. God has placed a great gift of talents in you. As you proceed in your journey we pray God makes your purpose clear to you. And when (not if) He does, don’t hesitate, Jump in and help write our story.