TLT | Students is grades 6-12.
Being young doesn’t mean you don’t have challenges. We are here to help Middle and High school students navigate those challenges and live out their real purpose.  We believe that every generation has amazing potential and our goal is to help them realize all of it!
TLT | Students is a small group ministry of The Lord’s Table Church with MIDDLE SCHOOL meeting Sunday morning and HIGH SCHOOL meeting Wednesday evenings.

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Small groups are a way to experience true, authentic growth, new friendships, and a ton of fun. A place to experience real Christian community and what it means to live our lives together, strengthening each other, and giving ourselves to something (someone) greater than just our own personal interests.
Our Student ministry is designed to work in our church’s small group model. You can expect more than just exciting events and bible study. You can expect to become a part of something amazing. Something big.



SHOCKWAVE is a quarterly event for Middle and High school students. We created it so you have a place to find your next step in Christ. You can invite your friends knowing that they will have a great time, and hear a message about why Jesus should be in their lives. It doesn’t matter whether you are already in church or just searching for something, SHOCKWAVE is for you!


TLT | Students Weekend Retreat | Coming August 2017

Plugged In is a three day trip located @ Camp Don Lee, Arapahoe N.C. This trip is for middle and highschool students (grades 6-12) from August 18th – 20th 2017. We will be teaching and training our students to step into the calling God has on their lives. Throughout the weekend students will learn and experience God though sessions lead by speakers and worship. Everyone will get to be part of a group, lead by trained volunteers, where they can share and relate to what God is saying to them. Something powerful happens when we unplug from our everyday routine and plug into one purpose, lifting up the name of Jesus. It’s during this weekend that God’s voice becomes clearer and our hearts beat a little louder. Whether your 11 or 18 God has something to say to you, He has plans for you!
BTW, we will be doing Tribal Wars… A fun way of splitting into two large groups for some friendly competition involving kayaking, archery, water challenges, and more!