TLT | Youth is grades 6-12.
Being young doesn’t mean you don’t have challenges. We are here to help Middle and High school students navigate those challenges and live out their real purpose.  We believe that every generation has amazing potential and our goal is to help them realize all of it!

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             Worship for TLT Youth happens every Sunday night at 6 pm. Kenneth Boa, states “The purpose of which we were created – to know, love, enjoy, and honor the triune Lord of all creation.”2 Sunday Night Worship focuses on experiencing God, and letting the Holy Spirit move. Granted, the desire is for the Holy Spirit to move in all the programs. However, this night is centered on middle and high school students feeling God’s presence, receiving the gifts of the Spirit, and being healed of addictions. There will be a band dedicated to leading students to worship. Three to four songs will be played and then there will be a sermon. 



Middle School Room is a weekly Sunday morning service where middle schoolers can come and fellowship with their same age of believers. It is for grades 6-8th. Youth need to be consistently entertained and fed into. Sunday morning services does not give Middle Schoolers the ability to be their self and comprehend an adult focused message. On the other hand, High School students can grasp what is being given during the adult Sunday Services. This service gives middle schoolers relatable topics that can be applied to where they are in life. There will be time for small group where each student can give opinions of Jesus and today’s culture from peers. Fun, competitive, and team building games will be provided for the attraction and excitement of the age group. This service is where the practice of worship and prayer will be make known.


Impact is the first Sunday of every month. This is where students ranging from 6-12th grade can come experience a fun and accepting atmosphere. With the help from dream team members planning for this event will be successful. There will always be an exciting theme with fun games. For instance, a Retro’ 80s night where kids and teens can dress up, dance, and have an awesome time with a DJ. There will also be worship and word to capture the hearts of the lost. The purpose of Impact is to invite students who are not committed to the Lord or the Church. In the book, Purpose Drive Youth Ministry, community students are not committed to attending church, thus, they are living apart from Christ.1 Once someone is saved at Impact, they will be encouraged to be a disciple in a Dive group and experience him on Sunday mornings or nights.