Pastor Tek Dahal
Gethsemane Airport Church
Gethsemane Airport Church is located in Kathmandu is home to hundreds of parishioners including many active ministries that disciple high school and college students. The Gethsemane church family provided food and shelter for hundreds of families in their community as well as many hard to rich villages during the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Good News 105.1 FM Christian is located in Kathmandu and reaches over 70,000 people daily with Christian music and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As Chairman Pastor Tek and other associates have a vision to plant eleven more radio programs in strategically populated areas of Nepal. In a country with over 27 million people these radio programs will have the potential to reach over 12 million people with the gospel. National Churches of Nepal (NCFN) is a Christian organization, which was founded in 1960. It oversees more than 2000 churches in Nepal in which Pastor Tek Dahal serves as President. This serves as a power tool to connect the people of Nepal that hear the gospel on Good News 105.1 FM Christian radio to a local church or home group. A New Constitution was announced in 2015, which transformed the Constituent Assembly into a legislative parliament in Nepal. The new constitution established Nepal as a federal democratic country making it one of the last Hindu States in the world. As a result Christianity is growing rapidly in Nepal due to ministries such as the ones Pastor Tek oversees

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