Pastors Gail Stathis and Brian Van Deventer
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EME exists to assist frontline local churches and related projects with personnel, training and provisions to effectively do their ministry in the region, with an emphasis on educational programs. STRENGTHENING The LOCAL CHURCH – We are committed to the integrity of the local church. Everywhere possible, we seek to partner with the existing national church, to strengthen and support its efforts, and to assist its development, with special attention given to the areas below. DEVELOPING SCHOOLS / EDUCATION – It is our conviction that the effort to establish children in the Christian faith, and to reach out to their families, is necessary for effective ministry in our region of the world. We aim to assist like-minded local churches who embrace the vision to shape lives through educational opportunitiesĀ kindergartens, primary and K-12 schools, college and skills training, to bring community transformation. HUMANITARIAN AID / RELIEF Medicine, clothing, food, construction materials and even buildings have been secured for believers in identifiably persecuted areas. It is a growing task to try and keep up with the requests of agencies who may be advancing evangelism and church planting teams, but who need practical assistance in this manner to help bring a legitimate witness to troubled areas. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT- EME is committed to helping believers create meaningful employment opportunities through the development of small and medium enterprise Business as Mission programs, as well as to the training and coaching of our project partners. EDUCATION: Attempting to develop schools and orphanages to reach the world’s forgotten children. One such school is the Glyfada Christian Center in Athens, Greece. Formed to attend to children of refugee and foreign community children, the school has helped advance many children now whom, without the school, would have had no other educational opportunities. This is provided through voluntary teaching positions, and through the helpful support of local churches and individuals. Other educational programs include involvement in Bible Colleges and other ministerial preparation schools. Such activities as raising support for schools or students and supplying teachers or other resources are common requests.

Pastor Gail Stathis

Pastor Brian Van Deventer


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