Peter and Joan Vaughn
Peter and Joan Vaughn have been working with Verbo church seeking out additional opportunities to help in the community. The Christmas festivities for kids in Verbo’s church plants on the coast were extremely successful, with food and small gifts made available to over 700 children. Joan Vaughn “I been volunteering several days a week at a Christian school in Nulti, a small town in the mountains outside of Cuenca, helping the English teachers there with ESL methodology. President Correa has mandated all Ecuadorean students learn English in high school; sadly, the poorer schools, who haven’t the resources to teach English in elementary, send their kids to high school at a severe disadvantage. To get to the school in Nulti, I ride a school bus from Cuenca, which is a daily adventure, given the challenges of the mountain route and a bus full of active kids! It has been a rewarding and instructive experience, pushing my Spanish to the limit, as the kids and administration speak no English, and taxing my patience and diplomacy, as I seek to establish trust and rapport before suggesting too many possible changes.”

Joan and Peter Vaughn

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