Every January and August we join in live over the internet with hundreds other churches in a time of prayer that lasts 21 days. During this time we gather at The Lord’s Table and pray for specific needs of our world, our nation, and our churches.

Why Pray? Why Fast?

One of the greatest invitations we have in this life is the invitation to prayer and fasting.  It is through these spiritual disciplines that we have intimate relationship with God.  We can continuously be in conversation with our savior who invites us to ask for anything in his name (John 14:13-15).  Fasting is an amazing way to put our focus on God and not ourselves.  By placing our physical needs below our spiritual needs we position ourselves to hear from God in new ways.  Fasting and prayer are important to us at TLT and we encourage an active prayer life, both private and corporately.  

 August 6th – 26th

11:30am – 12:30pm
9:00am – 10:00am
Incorporated into our 10am service

 Download the “Pray First” personal prayer guide

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